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Are you looking to book an author or illustrator for a school or library visit? You can search our membership list with ease to find the perfect fit for your audience.

We also have information on how to apply for grants for author and illustrator school visits

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Author and illustrator visits promote reading, books and art!

Where to find an author or illustrator
CWILL BC is an organization of professional children's writers and illustrators located in British Columbia. You can find us and our speaker's list located in the top menu under our speakers/presenters or you can narrow down the choices to fit your specific needs by using the search page

What will a visit cost?
Authors and illustrators set their own presentation fees, so be sure to clarify costs with the presenter you're hosting ahead of time. Typically, it's $200 to $300 for a one-hour presentation. Fees vary per author/illustrator.

Why $200 to $300?
Time spent presenting is time spent not meeting book deadlines. Authors and illustrators are celebrities, and are typically less expensive than other school entertainers. Most importantly, they promote what's at the core of education: a love of books.

Things to consider before the visit:
  • Age or grade level of the audience.
  • Audience size.
  • Appropriate venue (class/gym/etc.)
  • Equipment required (VCR/projector/etc.)
  • What is expected in terms of number of presentations and length?
  • Accurate directions for getting to the school.
  • Contact names in case something comes up last minute.

    On the day of the visit
  • Have someone available to greet the author/illustrator and show him/her where to set up, the location of staff washrooms, etc.
  • Have drinking water available during the presentation.
  • Remain on-hand to supervise your students during the presentation.
  • Have copies of the presenter's books in the library on display, ready to be borrowed after the visit. You may be able to arrange to have books sold at the school either through the author or a local book store.
  • Don't forget to have the school camera on hand for photos of the event.
  • Invite parents, school board trustees, or other officials.

    Download this information as a brochure [pdf]

    Available funding for author and illustrator school visits

    Funding for classroom visits
    Did you know that your district already receives government funding for author and illustrator classroom workshops and presentations? All grants are available through ArtStarts.

    You can find more information on funding here: Artists in Education funding program